Saturday, January 31, 2015

And So Ends Julianuary--Nathan Barley and Fanfiction

Okay, I admit, I'm a bit fascinated by Nathan Barley. I can't explain why, except maybe it was so short lived and yet we learned (or thought we learned) so much about the characters. I love Dan's spiral downward. I love how Jones is only on screen for about 10 minutes of the total 3 or so hours and yet he's such an intrinsic character. I simply love Ayoade any time, any where. And I love the fanfiction that has come out of it. (Want to read a well written one? Try Out by littleredchucks-- it's my favorite! And then Mosiac. And then there is Click-Track Heart. Oh, hell, there are too many to list!) Anyway, I'm going to "publish" my first-ever fanfic tomorrow. When I'm trying to write and I go blank, I write bits and pieces of Dan/Jones and Light in the Dark is the only one that is actually complete. Short, when compared to the others, at only 1400 words. But I'm rather happy with the end result. 

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