Monday, October 21, 2013

They Got The Funk

I'll probably do highlights from the weekend all week. I would apologize, but if you're a true Boosh fan I don't think you'll really mind! The Old Gregg episode was possibly one of the first episodes I watched and  Love Games was the first Boosh song I made an effort to learn. They have changed up the words, added lots more story to the song, which is brilliant. "They called off the search way back in June." Howard scats. And then they sing about Stockholm Syndrome. "Hey, Howard, what's it called when someone falls in love with the person that kidnaps them?" I love the books, so I love the fact that they have made it part of the song. Some of the Tumblr fangirls seemed surprised, maybe a bit embarrassed that they know about it. It doesn't mean they have read it (but don't you just bet they have--at least parts of it!?) Okay, this got a bit longer than I meant it to. But what can I say-- I love these guys! Brilliant video. Thanks,Shannon7291.

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