Friday, October 14, 2016

Mindhorn Reviews

Read the Reviews:
Mindhorn premiered last Sunday and enough of our Mighty Boosh fellows attended to have Tumblr all atwitter. But the really good news, at least in my mind, is the positive reviews I've read. I find it really exciting that Julian had Flowers this year, which was heartbreakingly excellent, and I've heard rumors that there may be a second series, and then for him to have Mindhorn open to good reviews. It all makes me imagine that he and Noel will finally get together and write that movie that they've always talked about! (Because I have this theory, see, that Noel and Birdy will decide to have a baby soon and he'll quit running around so much and then have plenty of time to spend with Julian, because I think he's one of those people who always has to be creating, one way or another. Just a theory, mind you. Not based on anything I've seen or read. Wishfull thinking, maybe!?)

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