Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Arctic Boosh Revisited

A collection of reviews from the Scotsman. I wish they were dated, but they are all Arctic Boosh, so that means 1999 in Edinburgh. Read the collection here [X].

Sample: (but there's lots more like this!)

The Hits and Misses
The undoubted hit so far prompts the most laughs and melts the most barriers. Is Arctic Boosh a sketch show, a show or just a free-wheeling peep inside the minds of performers Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt? We meet the duo as they pass the time as postmen, vying for delivery routes in Spain and the frozen wastes. Fielding, once accurately described as a "squashed Elvis", is stooge to Barratt's brilliant flights of fancy, which recall Vic Reeves at his most surreal. Barratt is briefly upstaged by a talking Jiffy bag, but emerges triumphant. Unless some fiendish small print makes them ineligible, everyone else might as well go home. The Perrier Award should be theirs for the taking.
Bruce Dessau

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