Friday, April 29, 2016

Gentle Julian

As part of Flowers publicity, Julian has done a whole slew of interviews (or what counts as a whole slew when it comes to him. Merely a handful when compared to when Noel is doing publicity!) Anyway, Flowers seems to be quite the success, and justly so. I've been watching it and it's brilliant. The writing is good, the filming is good, the casting is spot on, and the actors are all amazing.

Read it at The Guardian: 

Depressive”, “intense” and “awkward” are the most common adjectives used by the press to describe the comedian, musician and actor Julian Barratt. But none of those words actually fits the sweetly shambling man I find having a pot of tea on his own in the Highgate pub near his home in London. Instead, the adjective that comes to my mind upon spotting him in his high-waisted cotton trousers, mismatched jacket and skew-whiff hair is “gentle”.

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