Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Mighty Boosh On Comic Relief

From The Mighty Boosh Wiki:
For Comic Relief 2007, Noel and Julian re-worked material from various points in their career into an 8-minute show.
They introduce themselves, as Vince and Howard, with Don't touch me. Vince enthuses about the gorilla they have backstage who thinks he's tennis player, Pat Cash. Howard explains that he's cancelled that, and they they instead will be performing a piece of dark, serious theatre from within his heart. Vince argues that it sounds like it's actually from Howard's theatre director friend, Tommy.
Whilst they're arguing, Vince freezes Howard and tells the audience about Tommy. Vince then goes to dress up as Tommy to mock him and discourage Howard. Howard discusses Tommy and his dreams, but is interrupted by Vince dressed as Tommy. Howard says that Vince's costume looks nothing like Tommy and forces Vince to admit he's never even seen Tommy. Howard then pulls out a painting of Tommy, looking exactly like Vince's costume. They then segue into Pies, after which Bollo comes out and volleys strawberries into the crowd as promised earlier.

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