Saturday, October 12, 2013

Live at the Pleasance

This was recorded and published by Jenni Thunder (Twitter), who was at the Thursday show. It's a bit rough because she said she recorded it on her phone but that's okay. Hello Little Deer is such an awesome, awful song  (it's my favorite). I was singing it and my daughter suddenly asked "is that about kidnapping?" Why, yes, and then some! And it's genius! This video just made me laugh with happiness, Noel doing a Luxury Comedy voice* and Julian on his guitar. And then that little Hitcher surprise at the end. Oh, I so wish I could be in LA next weekend!

*Lysergic Casserole, Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy-- Jelly Fox, or maybe it's Roy Circles, or maybe Dondy Lion.... now I'm not sure! I'm getting confused. Every time I watch it, I change my mind. Anyone else have a thought?

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