Thursday, March 31, 2016

Purple Highlights and White Roses

I normally don't post Tumblr peoples personal photos, but this one is from the Chicago show, and it's the shirt Noel was wearing when I was there, so I'm assuming it's the same night (unless he wore the same top both nights?) Anyway, I wasn't brave enough to take pictures during the show--we were sitting on the edge and there was a guy standing there, giving first warnings to those who were brave enough to try, so I'm going to "borrow" this one from almondmocha, just to better preserve my memories of that night! (he's just so pretty!) The lighting made his hair shine purple. A bit of a silly comment, I know, but it's something I noticed all night long. I always thought the joke was funny in the show that people wanted to touch his hair, but I really did! (now I understand!)

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