Monday, June 30, 2014

Music Matters

Sooo, the Glastonbury Festival just happened near Pilton, Somerset, England, and last night Kasabian headlined. Now, being the good fangirl that I am, I knew that Lliana was going, which pretty well meant that Noel was going (did anyone doubt that he would?). Then there was a picture in the afternoon on Kasabianofficial Instagram of blond Noel with Tom and Serge and I wondered a bit then. And then later in the evening Dave mentions Vlad on Twitter. So again, being the good fangirl that I am, I got excited and trolled every site I could, since I'm on the wrong side of the Atlantic and couldn't watch the live feed. And yes, he did it! Noel reprised his Vlad the Impaler role, black wig, bloody face and cape! Silly grin on the old hippy's face, here. I'm just really hoping someone posts it on YouTube. (hint, hint.) 

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