Friday, June 6, 2014

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled - Andrew Maxwell on Area 51

I guess this is something new happening soon on European TV? Don't know, just saw it on Tumblr this morning. Here's the write up I found about it here. I know who Alan Davies is because of QI, but I'm not familiar with Andrew Maxwell, and I don't know who the woman or the other gentleman is.

Alan Davies sits with four other top comedians round a table and they talk. About anything.

The show recreates the relaxed atmosphere found amongst bantering comics backstage and elicits anecdotes and interaction that you simply won't get anywhere else. There are no rules, no themes and no preparation. All Alan has is one amazing fact about each of them, after which, the conversation could spiral in any direction.

At the end of each episode, the table must try and think of a title that sums up their episode.

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